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Antique Book


Ruth’s book is a compendium of forty-seven years in the retail antique business, thirty of which she taught seminars in 19th C. glass and ceramics at St. Louis Community College. Her book presents a history of glass manufacturing technology, materials, pattern designs, colors and decoration techniques illustrated by seventy-two glass patterns chosen for their representation of a design period as well as their quality of design. Emphasis is on the Industrial Revolution of Early American Pattern Glass beginning in 1826 with the invention of the glass pressing machine and continuing until the origination of Carnival Glass in 1907, followed by discussion of fifty-seven other forms of glass manufactured or sold in America during this period. Appendixes include terminology, value, and advice on collecting. In conclusion, this text should enable a serious collector of American glass to judge authenticity, date, and value.

The book price is $30 plus 6 per cent tax if sold to a resident of Michigan.

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